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What Happens During a Workers' Comp Deposition?

If you have hired a Workers’ Compensation Attorney to handle your on-the-job injury case, one of the first steps in the legal proceeding will be the Deposition. This critical process may seem scary, but it is really just a meeting where opposing counsel will have an opportunity to ask questions about your case.

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Depositions can vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but they all have some things in common. has this to say.

“Depositions follow a different procedure from testimony taken in Court. In Court, we would generally ask questions of you first.  This is called “direct examination,” and this will be your chance to tell your side of the story. At trial and after direct examination, the opposing attorney would ask you questions.  This is called “cross-examination.” However, in the taking of a Deposition, the opposing attorney asks all the questions first, similar to cross-examination in Court.”

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Injured on the job and unsure what your next steps should be? We have a free checklist you can download to make sure you cover your bases when it comes to a Work Related Injury.

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