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Virginia Employer? Laws You Should Know

Being an employer in Virginia can sometimes be overwhelming when you have to comply with a long list of federal laws like the FMLA (Family Leave and Medical Act) and the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). Never-the-less, it's imperative that you keep yourself updated with current laws to avoid legal issues. The same holds true for specific state employment laws, which many employers sometimes overlook. 

The Society for Human Resource Management has a wonderful and informative article that talks about many of those laws including the Virginia with Disabilities Act and the Virginia Wage Payment Act.

Read the article "State Employment Laws Every Virginia Employer Should Know" in its entirety here.


All Virginians have the right to work for fair wages, with as few restrictions as possible. Download our free printable 8 page Glossary & Pocket Guide to Virginia Employment Law and learn about your rights:

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