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Commercial Law

Any company that sells a product should have an attorney with expertise in both commercial and business law as well as knowledge in your specific industry. By not hiring a legal team with these qualities you run the risk of losing contracts that can result in loss of profits, as well as possible legal penalties if the other party decides to take legal action against you.

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Which Buisness Structure is Right for You?

When starting your business, you must first decide which business structure is right for you. Determining the correct structure begins by identifying how you will run your business. Decide whether it will be just you, or if you will have a partner. If it will be for profit or not for profit along with the risks, and liabilities of your business, the expenses associated with the company, your investment needs, and what your tax situation is.

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Why You Need a Corporate Law Attorney

As the owner of a company or an up and coming corporation, you may be trying to decide if you really need to use a corporate attorney to incorporate. Whether you are planning to become, or already are a legal corporation, then the answer is a resounding yes. Because corporations are held to a higher set of standards and rules, it is essential to have the right attorney on your side. The attorneys at Ferguson, Rawls, and Raines PC. have the expertise to assist you no matter where your business is currently. We offer a wide range of business law services such as LLC formation, commercial law, corporate law, and business formation.

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Understanding a DUI

Due to the growing lack of social responsibility when it comes to alcohol consumption, states have started cracking down harder on drinking and driving laws. More checkpoints are being put out before and during holidays, and more police are on hand in areas with bars and clubs in order to enforce these laws.  

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Traffic Violations? Do you need an Attorney?

A moving traffic violation, or, sometimes referred to simply as a moving violation, is any traffic law that is broken by the driver or operator of a motor vehicle, engine, or train, while the vehicle is in motion. Examples of this could include mechanical violations, speeding, running a red light, driving with an expired license, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, or driving while under the influence. However, Just like not all traffic stops lead to a ticket, not all traffic violations need an attorney. Everyone breaks a traffic law at some point in his or her life. Some violations carry a more severe punishment than others depending on the nature of the offense.

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